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We Go the Extra Mile

Below are some of the features that set us apart.

Nurse Taking Notes


Blood Pressure Exam


Chart & Stethoscope


Our patients receive the highest standard anesthesia care. We deliver the best, safest, and most effective anesthetic, tailored to each patient. Our personal touch yields happy patients and even happier surgeons. Excellence is our standard.

We are extremely compassionate to our patients, and to our colleagues. A cohesive team provides for the optimal circumstances for everyone. Empathy, understanding, and kindness are our hallmarks. It is our privilege to serve our patients and our surgeons.

With the changing healthcare landscape, it is important now more than ever to be judicious with resources, supplies, and human capital. High quality care with a focus on the bottom-line makes us the ideal anesthesia consultants.






Late starts, cancelled cases, and slow turn-overs impact patient satisfaction and critical accounting measures. Sedaze Anesthesia Consultants take pride in providing consistent and reliable anesthesia coverage for all of your cases.

We provide the absolute best in anesthesia care with the most advanced procedures and technologies. Our providers are well-versed in ERAS protocols, evidence-based protocols, and quality measures. Our patients and surgeons testify to this superior experience. 

A nimble anesthesia service makes the entire procedure room run more smoothly. This means that we can adjust our care and services to match the surgeon's, facility's, or patient's need. We can work with a variety of centers and schedules.

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